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Thank you for supporting the #SAYITANYWAY movement. It's hard to share openly the difficulties of the human experience... but every time you reach out to another person, you are reminding them they are not alone. Your strength will give strength to others and I deeply thank you for helping eliminate the stigma of mental health conversations. You're awesome and I love you!

Suicide, self-harm, depression, anxiety, and shame are becoming increasingly prevalent in today's world. The rapid growth of social media is perpetuating the idea that we must constantly appear to be perfect and happy in order to achieve likes, followers, and personal self-worth. There is more pressure than ever to edit, modify, manipulate, and create an image or story of ourselves that will appeal to others. The #SAYITANYWAY campaign is the simple belief that speaking openly and authentically about our emotions, thoughts, and experiences will help eliminate the feelings of shame we have about ourselves. Shame is the intensely painful feeling and belief that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging. Shame is all about fear. It keeps worthiness away by convincing us that owning our stories will lead people to think less of us. We can help eliminate this fear by exposing and discussing the human condition. When we speak openly and begin to accept ourselves as human beings, we can take positive steps forward.


Support the #SAYITANYWAY Campaign:

-Contact Adam Grabowski for a lecture or comedy show

-Wear and distribute #SAYITANYWAY wristbands & products

-Speak openly about your life & advocate for others to do the same

-Post authentic feelings & images on social media with the hashtag

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